Welcome to Plank Road Distillery

Welcome to Plank Road Distillery

Welcome to Plank Road DistilleryWelcome to Plank Road DistilleryWelcome to Plank Road Distillery

About Us


About Us

Tours?  Not here.  Located in the original blacksmith shop, our still is located front and center behind the bar for everyone to see.  We don't do tours.  We provide an experience.  Hand crafted spirits.  Unique specialty cocktails featuring local ingredients.  All with friendly service and fair prices.  We want you to take a bottle home and recreate the experience for your friends and family.


Our Spirits

Vodka:  Seven times distilled from non-GMO corn.  Carbon filtered at the still as a vapor and at high temperature.  Smooth with a hint of corn sweetness.  Never harsh.

Gin:  Complex notes of juniper, citrus, coriander.  Smooth and light, never piney.  Converting non Gin drinkers...

Rum:  Two times distilled from Sugar in the Raw and Black-strap Molasses.  Sugary, buttery, with a hint of coconut.  

Agave Blue:  Nectar imported from Mexico, but don't call it Tequila.  Smooth, sipping spirit.

Bourbon:  A traditional mash bill with a higher rye content.  Spicy, sweet, malty from the grains.  Deep rich caramel, smoke, vanilla and nutmeg flavors from the barrels.

Bitters:  Aromatic, Orange, Apple, and Coffee Pecan flavors compliment all our spirits.  Currently in house use only.


On-Site Tasting Room

Individual specialty cocktails or try a Plank of four for friends to share!  Please see our social media for menu updates.  Like us on Facebook / Follow us on Instagram.

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Plank Road Distillery

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